Philosophie allgemein, Wissenschaftstheorie

Philosophy of  mind David Chalmers
(bibliography, online papers etc)
Center for Philosophy of
Philosophy and History of Science
John D. Norton,
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Quantentheorie, Wissenschaftstheorie
Oliver Passon
Philosophy of Science etc
(including philosophy of economics)
Patrick Suppes

Daniel M. Hausman

                Visuelle Wahrnehmung

Optical Illusions  Michael Bach
University of Algarve, Vision Laboratory
 Hans du Buf
The joy of visual perception  Peter Kaiser,
Richard D. Morey Item response models for the measurement of thresholds
Robbe L. T. Goris

Master Your Health

Early stages in spatial vision - Psychophysical data and Computational Models of Contrast Perception

Brain Games,
Optical  Illusions


            Nützlich wie interessant

Personal Constructs, Hamburg-Döntjes, Nützliches Jörn Scheer
Allgemeines zur Psychologie Werner Stangl
Brain TeasersLearning at home

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British Water Colour Society